Uninstall LTTR/INK with Creative Cloud

If you have installed LTTR/INK with Creative Cloud, the easiest way how to uninstall it is direct with the Creative Cloud application.

  1. Open the "Creative Cloud" application
  2. Click on the tab "Stock & Marketplace"
  3. Within the "Stock & Marketplace" click on the "Plugins" tab
  4. On the side menu select "Manage plugins"
  5. Navigate to INK The brush-stroke engine
  6. Click on the three dots button "•••" to open the contextual menu
  7. Click "Uninstall"
  8. Confirm "Uninstall" within the dialogue window
  9. Wait until the uninstallation process ends
  10. When Done, you'll see the button "Install"

That's it. You have uninstalled the plugin successfully.

In case this doesn't work properly you might want to uninstall with Extension Manager.

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