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Who Can Use This Feature

✔︎ Letterer variant users can draw with strokes.
✔︎ Type-designer variant users can draw with strokes.

Plot Skeletons

To start drawing, switch to LTTR/INK tool in the Glyphs toolbar and turn the strokes on.

How to turn LTTR/INK strokes on.

Once you are set, start plotting skeletons. You'll immediately see generated outlines.

The default brush parameters are width: 30pt; height: 15pt; angle: 45º;

Edit Brush On Canvas

You can change brush parameters directly on the canvas. This is useful for quick changes during the sketching.

  1. Select a brush-handle
  2. Move brush-handle with cursor or keyboard arrows

Edit Brush On Panel

You can change brush parameters on LTTR/INK UI panel.

This is useful when precise brush parameters are needed.

  1. Select a brush-handle
  2. Click on a parameter value on the UI panel
  3. Set value by typing, or use keyboard arrows up/down for stepping.

NOTE: Hold shift and press keyboard arrows up/down to step in tens.

Edit Multiple Brush Points At Once

To edit multiple brush-points at once, select more than one on-curve node

  • Hold shift and click one by one
  • Select with drag & Select
  • Press command + A to select all

On the LTTR/INK UI panel, set the desired parameter of the brush size or angle.

NOTE: When you set parameter of multiple brush-points, you'll set the common value of that parameter. For instance, when you change the angle, the width and heigh parameters remain unchanged.

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