How to install the LTTR/INK Glyphs plugin

Install Glyphs Plugin

1. Download the plugin using the link you get by an email – you can request a new link here. You will see a distinctive LTTR/INK icon.

LTTR/INK Folder Icon

2. Click on it and open "LTTRINK for Glyphs 2" or "LTTRINK for Glyphs 3", depending on the version of Glyphs you are using.

LTTR/INK folder structure

3. Click on the "Letterink.glyphsTool" file and confirm the installation.

LTTR/INK Licence
LTTR/INK Istalation Message

4. Restart Glyphs.

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Uninstall LTTR/INK from Glyphs

How do you uninstall LTTR/INK from Glyphs? Manually or from plugin manager