Acolyte License (Simplified functionality)

Acolyte License is a product variant with simplified functionality. It is a choice when you need just basic stroke drawing functions without heavy-duty tools. Before purchasing the full license we recommend leveraging our trial.

Acolyte variant, with its simplified functionality, is also a good option if you are semi-decided or have a small project that doesn’t require all the perks of the Master variant (heavy-duty variant).
You can always upgrade from Acolyte to Master at the cost of the difference in the price between the variants. Learn more about the pricing here.

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Licensing and Product Variants

We offer several options to use the plugin for Adobe Illustrator starting with free through full featured paid options. Here you can learn about all the licensing options.

Master License (All features)

Master License is a product variant with full functionality. It is a choice when you are seeking all the stroke drawing possibilities without compromises.

Free License

Preview of INK for Adobe Illustrator allows you to evaluate LTTR/INK for unlimited time for free with limited functionality.

Trial License

The Trial license of INK for Adobe Illustrator allows you to evaluate LTTR/INK for free and decide whether there is value in it for you.