How to install the LTTR/INK Glyphs plugin

Stroke styles

Troubleshoot INK for Adobe Illustrator

Interpolate strokes

Start drawing in Adobe Illustrator

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Activate licence

User interface overview Glyphs

Create styles

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Combine strokes and outlines

Convert to outlines

Convert to outlines in Adobe Illustrator

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Known Issues

Running the plugin on Mac with the M1 chip

Getting an installation error on Mac - “Extension license is damaged (Error 6xx)”

The plugin doesn’t work on Windows — Grey panels

Manual installation on Windows

Create styles

Create a new stroke style

  1. Select the ellipse with the chosen parameters.
  2. In the LTTR/INK Stroke Styles Panel click on the CREATE button.
  3. Name the style.
  4. Select other points and click on the APPLY button.

Update a stroke style

1. Go to the LTTR/INK Controls Panel.

2. Change the parameters.

3. Click on the UPDATE button back in the LTTR/INK Stroke Styles Panel.

Or you can adjust the ellipse directly on the canvas and then update.

Pro tip: Name your styles with some logic in mind. You can use parameters, numbers, or some other characteristic.

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