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Draw strokes with skeletons & brushes

LTTR/INK is the extraordinary stroke-drawing tool for skeleton type design.

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Forget about tedious vector outlines manipulation when drawing strokes.

Use vector paths as a skeleton to draw strokes with brushes.

Edit size and rotation of brush on each skeleton-path point independently.

Learn more about drawing with skeletons


Get rid of redundant adjusting of every single brush-point. Define common stroke-styles and orchestrate strokes across the whole font.

Learn more about brush styles


Say goodbye to weird stroke vectorisation. LTTR/INK always makes production-ready outlines instantly.

Integrate with your favorite drawing tool

LTTR/INK currently works only with Glyphs 3.

We are planning integrations for Adobe Illustrator and RoboFont. You can already pre-order LTTR/INK for Adobe Illustrator and sign up to keep updated about our plans about Robofont.

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Now it’s your turn to create a legend. Show the world what can you do with the power of skeletons.

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