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LTTR/INK helps letterers, type designers, graphic designers and illustrators to draw the finest stroke shapes and get the most accurate outlines.

Available as plugins for Adobe Illustrator and Glyphs.

LTTR/INK outline draw well ploted strokes and convert to accurate outlines illustration by Ana Michel LTTR/INK outline draw well ploted strokes and convert to accurate outlines illustration by Ana Michel


Adobe inc LogoGlyphs is a Mac font editor that puts you in control: quickly draw high-precision vectors, efficiently reuse shapes, and easily manage any number of letters, figures and symbols.Come to Paris for the 1 June 2024 to listen a mix of inspiring speakers evoking topics as broad as graphic design, web design, motion design, publishing, visual identity, communication and type design. ČarnokyType CarnokyType is a small type foundry of Samuel Čarnoký — typographer, graphics and type designer from Slovakia. Foundry was founded in 2010, and it is focused on producing of high quality display and text fonts for various kinds of typographic use.DizajnDesign is an independent Type Foundry and Graphic Design Studio, founded by Ján Filípek. It is focused on creating high quality typefaces with a contemporary attitude to provide useful yet enjoyable options for graphic designers all over the world. Released type families explore various type design space, ranging from text to display typefaces, from handmade scripts to serious readable fonts.
adobe illustrator and lttr/ink

Vector stroke plugin for Adobe Illustrator

Draw the finest strokes that vectorise to accurate outlines. Cut down over than 60% time of drawing strokes with the stroke engine for Adobe Illustrator.

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glyphs app and lttr/ink the most advanced stroke plugin

The stroke contrast
plugin for Glyphs

A significant amount of the type design is drawing strokes. LTTR/INK makes the stroke contrast drawing effortless and generates accurate outlines.
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Vector stroke engine library

Leverage the best stroke engine in your projects. Vector stroke engine library is suitable for creative tools and computer graphics research projects.

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LTTR/INK skeleton calligraphic letter L LTTR/INK outline calligraphic letter L

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