Learn what's new with LTTR/INK

March 2023
Install from Adobe Exchange Market

Say goodbye to the old installation script and Extension Manager installation, the LTTR/INK plugin is now on Adobe Exchange Market. Not only that, but we've fixed the glitch in the previous version with changing stroke and fill color, so you no longer have to move the object to refresh the change. Experience the joy of effortless editing with LTTR/INK!

February 2023
Polished panel UI

Ugly UI no more! Our Controls panel UI has been given a face-lift. It looks cleaner and operates more smoothly. Plus, we’ve translated the plugin to Chinese, so now our users from Asia can enjoy LTTR/INK in their own language. You can draw with the LTTR/INK stroke. After adding the first anchor point and creating the LTTR/INK outline on this point, start drawing by adding new anchor points at the end. It’s as easy as using a pencil. And, to make things simpler for everyone, the plugin package we distribute is now the same for both Mac OS and Windows. It can be installed using Anastasiy’s package manager on both systems. Get creative with the revamped LTTR/INK plugin.

January 2023
Speed up the plugin

Say goodbye to the slow, buggy drawing! Today we finally released the much-anticipated LTTR/INK plugin speedup. In addition to increased performance for both the GUI interface and core mathematical algorithm, you’ll now be able to see simplified "imprint" annotations for ellipses that are too small when you’re zoomed out. And don’t worry about annoyances like missing annotations after undoing, because those bugs have been fixed. Get your stroke drawings onto the artboard faster, with less frustration.