Learn what's new with LTTR/INK

December 2023
New points on skeleton without distractions

Designers often face challenges in maintaining stroke consistency when adding new points to an INK path, resulting in time-consuming manual adjustments.

Our latest update introduces a smart algorithm that automatically adjusts the imprint parameters for new points on the stroke path. This technical enhancement ensures that each new point seamlessly aligns with the existing stroke style.

Now, designers can enjoy a smoother workflow with less manual tweaking. The update significantly reduces the effort required to maintain stroke consistency, allowing for more focus on creativity and design efficiency.

November 2023
export variable fonts without converting strokes to outlines

We have been focusing on the creation of variable master fonts with LTTR/INK. Until now, you have been able to create variable fonts by converting all strokes to outline first and then exporting to variable font. Now, you can export variable fonts without converting strokes to outlines, which gives a great advantage when working on multiple master fonts.

Since the last release, we have been continuously fixing bugs and updating the plugin. All these bug fixes are now part of the official release.

June 2023
Copy paste stroke styles between files

Copy and paste strokes with their stroke styles between adobe illustrator files is now possible with LTTR/INK—our vector brush-stroke plugin! Copy-pasting stroke styles is so useful, especially when you’re starting a new project but want to exploit the previous work you’ve done. We’ve also fixed some annoying bugs to make your artistic experience even better.

May 2023
Distinguish the layer colours

Out with the confusion, in with clarity! LTTR/INK, the vector brush-stroke tool plugin for Adobe Illustrator, has just been upgraded. Now, the canvas UI parts inherit the colour of the layer they are assigned—meaning skeletons and imprints use the same colour as the layer to which they belong. So no more trying to guess which colour is which. Plus, we’ve fixed a bunch of bugs, making the plugin even smoother. So happy vector drawing with LTTR/INK!

April 2023
The new Stroke styles experience

Feel the new Stroke styles power of LTTR/INK! Our new Adobe Illustrator plugin introduces a completely new experience—it’s incredibly stronger than you could have imagined. We have polished the UI panel that included the stroke styles—everything is now in one LTTR/INK UI panel. And that’s not all—our crucial improvement is live preview while editing a stroke style, so any time you edit stroke style parameters, updates will be visible immediately. No more clicking on the button update. It’s not needed anymore. Get ready for a powerful Stroke styles experience and try it out today!

March 2023
Install from Adobe Exchange Market

Say goodbye to the old installation script and Extension Manager installation, the LTTR/INK plugin is now on Adobe Exchange Market. Not only that, but we've fixed the glitch in the previous version with changing stroke and fill color, so you no longer have to move the object to refresh the change. Experience the joy of effortless editing with LTTR/INK!

February 2023
Polished panel UI

Ugly UI no more! Our Controls panel UI has been given a face-lift. It looks cleaner and operates more smoothly. Plus, we’ve translated the plugin to Chinese, so now our users from Asia can enjoy LTTR/INK in their own language. You can draw with the LTTR/INK stroke. After adding the first anchor point and creating the LTTR/INK outline on this point, start drawing by adding new anchor points at the end. It’s as easy as using a pencil. And, to make things simpler for everyone, the plugin package we distribute is now the same for both Mac OS and Windows. It can be installed using Anastasiy’s package manager on both systems. Get creative with the revamped LTTR/INK plugin.

January 2023
Speed up the plugin

Say goodbye to the slow, buggy drawing! Today we finally released the much-anticipated LTTR/INK plugin speedup. In addition to increased performance for both the GUI interface and core mathematical algorithm, you’ll now be able to see simplified "imprint" annotations for ellipses that are too small when you’re zoomed out. And don’t worry about annoyances like missing annotations after undoing, because those bugs have been fixed. Get your stroke drawings onto the artboard faster, with less frustration.