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Stroke engine for Adobe Illustrator BETA (pre-order)

After a couple of months, we are ready for testing the LTTR/INK stroke engine for Adobe Illustrator. At the same time, we are launching the pre-order with extra perks for early adopters. Check out the deal.


Ongoing beta testing

We have started beta-testing the LTTR/INK plugin for Adobe Illustrator. Some of you have a chance to try it out! We are inviting beta testers from the waitlist in small batches—about five to ten people weekly. Yes, it is slow, but we need your feedback instantly so we can collect and fix the bugs. For now, it's not possible to do it on a larger scale. Therefore, be patient, we assure you, it's worth it.

Skip the waitlist

Yes, it is possible to skip the line! We are giving priority access to those who support us.

Why pre-order

LTTR/CORP is a self-funded startup with no investors or VC funds. Our research & development are motivated by the passion for the idea of fixing crucial problems in the type design and graphic design. That’s why we do fundraising among the members of the community. In the past, LTTR/INK for Glyphs pre-order and its Kickstarter campaign. Now, with the same motivation, we have opened the pre-order for Adobe Illustrator. The good news is that product delivery is less risky than in the past.

The pre-order perks


As we said! Those who pre-order the licence now will be able to skip the line. But, not only that! We equip you with three extra perks!

Pre-order LTTR/INK the most powerful stroke engine for Adobe Illustrator!


Expected release date

We are sure you want to know about it. The official release of LTTR/INK for Adobe Illustrator is right now estimated at the end of September/Q3 of 2022. This is our best guess, and the date can vary based on various factors in development, including your decision to pre-order it.

Should you have additional questions feel free to contact us.

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