Ellipsis beta is here — try it out before official release

Ellipsis beta is here — try it out before official release


  • Try it out
  • Sneak peek
  • What's next
  • Roadmap
  • Glyphs 3 dilemma

Try it out

Download beta version here →

Now is your turn to try it out. We believe you can't wait. This is the beta release so you might come across some bugs. By reporting bugs, you'll help us to fix them earlier. Here is the tutorial →

On the download page, click on the little Beta version link to get the ellipsis brush.

Be Careful!

Files stored in the new Letterink version will be overwritten and can't be open with previous versions. You might lose your previous data due to an architecture update.

  1. Test new version on separate files.
  2. Do not test the beta version on production files.
  3. Always do backups.

Sneak peek

Finally, you can try the real nib with the second dimension — ellipsis.

Stroke styles are meant to save you a lot of time. It also gives a new perspective on what parametric type-design can be.  

What's next

The official release will be announced as soon as we are sure that the software is stable. This might take a few weeks and maybe a couple of months.


We want to give you a chance to influence our plans. Therefore we have made our roadmap public.

With a Trello account, you can comment and vote for features.

Letterink Roadmap →

Letterink Roadmap

You can also submit new ideas by sending us an e-mail on ahoy@letterinkapp.com.

Glyphs 3 Dilemma

As you might have already noticed Glyphs 3 is here.

Long live Glyphs 3. Rest in peace Glyphs 2.

Now, regarding the Glyphs 2, we are stumbling upon the question: To support, or not to support?
Our limited capacity can't handle to support both version and develop new features for Letterink at the same time. Therefore we are waiting for your voice to help us decide whether to support Glyphs 2 and for how long time.

We assume that most of our users are planning to upgrade in a couple of months. Therefore we aim not to support Glyphs 2.

What do you think about it?

What's next

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