We've received grant for LTTR/INK plugin for Adobe Illustrator

Good news! We are happy to announce that we were supported directly by Adobe to release a plugin for Adobe Illustrator.

About the Adobe Fund for Design

Adobe Fund for Design is an investment of US$10 million to support developers, teams, and startups that have creativity in their code. The fund will provide equity investments and grants to people and companies who want to push boundaries and help shape the future of design and creativity. Fund recipients will also receive expert advice, early access to products and technology, go-to-market support, and more.

Grant for the LTTR/INK team

We have been entitled to receive a generous grant of US$20 thousand to cover part of our expenses for the development and go-to-market of the LTTR/INK plugin. The first part of the amount is already with us, and the second we will receive after the official release of the plugin.
Besides the money, we are getting advice during the development and marketing of the plugin.

What's in it for users like you

Making stuff for the first time is a fantastic journey full of ups and downs (Healthy sarcasm welcomed). Moreover, the success estimations are far from reality as we learn on the go how difficult it is. We aren't an exception, and obviously, our plan is changing.
However, it doesn't mean that we are giving up. The most challenging part is already beyond us, and Adobe's support is a huge motivation. That also means we are highly committed to bringing our stroke engine to Adobe Illustrator users.

The next steps

We are releasing the public roadmap, which will be updated on a monthly basis. The goal is to present how we are estimating solutions delivery and when you can expect what is important to you. We will also start a pre-order campaign to back the extra expenses. Meanwhile, you can pre-order the licence with a year of maintenance updates gratis.

So let it be written,
So let it be done!

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What's next

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