How to install the LTTR/INK Glyphs plugin

Stroke styles

Troubleshoot INK for Adobe Illustrator

Interpolate strokes

Start drawing in Adobe Illustrator

User interface overview Adobe Illustrator

Activate licence

User interface overview Glyphs

Create styles

Start drawing

Combine strokes and outlines

Convert to outlines

Convert to outlines in Adobe Illustrator

Install with Anastasiy’s Extension Manager

Report bugs

Recover from a crash

Known Issues

Running the plugin on Mac with the M1 chip

Getting an installation error on Mac - “Extension license is damaged (Error 6xx)”

The plugin doesn’t work on Windows — Grey panels

Manual installation on Windows

Convert to outlines

You have created your lettering and want to continue working with it – insert into Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, etc. In this case, it is necessary to convert the skeletons to outline graphics.

1. Switch to the LTTR/INK tool by clicking on the "L" icon in the toolbar. A panel with LTTR/INK logo appears near the bottom of the drawing area.

2. Click on the LTTR/INK logo.

3. In the Make Outlines section of the menu, choose whether you want outlines from the whole font or just from this particular glyph.

LTTR/INK outline strokes of lettering from stroke to outline

4. Now you can handle lettering like ordinary graphics.

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