Free License

Before you commit to purchasing a full license of the INK plugin for Adobe Illustrator, you can leverage the option to try it for free. For Adobe Illustrator, we offer two options by default. An unregistered trial called "Preview" and a registered "Trial".

Free Licence

Free License gives you a sneak peek to some basic features of LTTR/INK for Adobe Illustrator for as long as you wish.

To leverage Free Licence you don't need to do any registration. It is always free, and there is no limit to how long you can use it. However, the available feature set is limited to drawing two paths and two stroke styles.

Free Licence Limitations

  • Apply INK stroke only on two paths
  • Apply INK stroke on paths of twenty nodes length
  • Create and manage only two stroke-styles
  • Convert strokes to clean outlines only two times

See also Trial

Licensing and Product Variants

We offer several options to use the plugin for Adobe Illustrator starting with free through full featured paid options. Here you can learn about all the licensing options.

Short Preview

Preview of INK for Adobe Illustrator allows you to evaluate LTTR/INK initial for a very short time for free with all functionality.

Trial License

The Trial license of INK for Adobe Illustrator allows you to evaluate LTTR/INK for free and decide whether there is value in it for you.

Master License (All features)

Master License is a product variant with full functionality. It is a choice when you are seeking all the stroke drawing possibilities without compromises.