Annual updates

We aim to release a new version of our plugins regularly. Therefore we have decided to go with the semi-subscription model.

What it means for you

The license you pay for the first time is perpetual. That means you are able to use the plugin forever. We don't restrict the usage. We don't care how much you use our software. However, we do care about maintaining and improving our products.

After the year, we encourage you to buy the license for annual updates. You don't have to, but we don't guarantee support for the product. We also don't guarantee that the software will be working when Adobe or your operating system changes.

Since we believe you are happy with our product and want to support our future, you will be automatically charged for the annual updates at the end of the maintenance period. We will send you notifications by email at least a month before, so you'll have enough time to decide whether you want to continue or not. You can also request a return if you'll just forget.

If you are decided not to support future updates, you can cancel the annual updates subscription at any time.

You can also return to your annual updates subscription within a year, which means you'll receive all the updates you've missed. If you'll return later, you'll need to buy a new product again.

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Licensing and Product Variants

We offer several options to use the plugin for Adobe Illustrator starting with free through full featured paid options. Here you can learn about all the licensing options.

Master License (All features)

Master License is a product variant with full functionality. It is a choice when you are seeking all the stroke drawing possibilities without compromises.

Acolyte License (Simplified functionality)

Acolyte License is a product variant with simplified functionality. It is a choice when you need just basic stroke drawing functions without heavy-duty tools.