Create styles

When you set the right stroke styles designing gets so much easier and faster.

Stroke style panel

You can add and adjust stroke styles in LTTR/INK panel.

  1. To add a new stroke style click on the "plus" button.
  2. To rename or adjust the style you have to be in "adjustment mode". Acivate it by clicking on the button at the right side of the stroke style.
  3. In "adjustment mode" you can also copy or delete style.

Create a new stroke style from existing ellipses

  1. Select the ellipse with the chosen parameters.
  2. In the LTTR/INK Panel click on the "plus" button.
  3. Name the style.
  4. You can adjust parameters more in the panel.
  5. Click on the button to end "adjustment mode".
  6. Apply the style on other elipses.

Update a stroke style

You can update stroke style in "adjustment mode" in the LTTR/INK Panel.

Or just select the ellipse with asigned stroke style directly on canvas and start adjusting.

All the other ellipses with the same stroke style applied will be changed automatically.

If you wish to adjust just one ellipse separately, click on the "broken chain" button.

The selected ellipse is now free of any stroke style and can be adjusted separately or asigned a new stroke style.

NOTICE: To apply the stroke style the "adjustment mode" has to be SWITCHED OFF.

The order of your styles in the panel is fixed – the newest style always on the top of the list – and it cannot be changed.

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Introduction to Stroke Styles

Stroke styles help you speed up your type design workflow when setting parameters of strokes becomes too boring.