Start drawing in Adobe Illustrator

  1. Draw strokes as usual.
  2. Click on the LTTR/INK logo button.

Work with an outline or fill overview

You can work with just an outline overview or have the object filled the same way as you would typically work with any vector object in Adobe Illustrator.

  1. Select the object.
  2. Go to the Appearance or Swatches panel.
  3. Set the color of the Fill option.

Edit stroke parameters on the control panel

Ellipsis properties can also be changed from the LTTR/INK Controls Panel.

  1. On the canvas, select one or more ellipses.
  2. In the LTTR/INK Controls Panel, click on one of the parameters, Width, Height, or Angle.
  3. Write a number of the parameter, press enter, use arrows UP or DOWN, or use the keyboard arrows.

Edit stroke parameters on canvas

When the LTTR/INK Tool is active, individual Nibs are visible. Their handles can be dragged on the artboard.

  1. Select an ellipsis.
  2. Click on one of its axes.
  3. drag along the skeleton to change the rotation or the size of the selected ellipsis axis.

Edit the skeleton

You can always change the shape of your design by adjusting the skeleton.

  1. Choose Direct Selection tool.
  2. Start adjusting the curves as usual.

Pro tip: Draw just a rough skeleton of your design then switch the LTTR/INK outlines as soon as possible. It’s easier to draw with visible outlines.

Create styles

With LTTR/INK you can easily create and save styles of the strokes that work best for you.

Convert to outlines in Adobe Illustrator

If satisfied with your design, you can convert the strokes into outlines in two simple steps.