How to report a bug

While working with Letterink you might come across bugs. Help us fix those bugs earlier by reporting them.

Reporting is as a spotlight. More information you provide — brighter the light is, and more clearly, we can spot the damn bug.
All reports start by sending us an email to with the subject: BUG

The email should contain the following information:

  1. Describe the problem
  2. Make screenshot
  3. Attach the crashing file 
  4. Provide a console report

Don't worry If you can't provide all of them.

1. Describe the problem

Simply explain what you were doing before you spot the bug.

This explanation helps us replicate your workflow and trigger buggy behaviour on our machine.

2. Make a screenshot

Screenshot of the result, or even better a screen-recording of the steps that will show us how to replicate buggy behaviour is precious information. You can use the native MAC OS screenshot app to record a bug.

3. Attach the crashing file

By sending us the glyphs file containing the drawing and an explanation of the issue, we can investigate the problem with data.

4. Provide a console report

For crashes, the settings might not be saved in the glyphs file yet. However, you can copy the essential inputs for a specific kind of crashes from the Console app.