The Dawn of LTTR/INK 1.0 for Adobe Illustrator

The Dawn of LTTR/INK 1.0 for Adobe Illustrator

Embark on an adventure with us as we unravel LTTR/INK 1.0 for Adobe Illustrator. From our humble beginnings to exciting features and future plans, we pull back the curtain on all. Ready to embark? Read on!

The Genesis

By the sacred laws of time, two revolutions around the sun have passed since we embarked on an epic quest. Guided by the foresight of Martin, Mat, Tom and bolstered by Zuz’s wisdom in content crafting, we’ve finally emerged from our chrysalis. Today, we unveil the product of endless toil and limitless passion—LTTR/INK 1.0 for Adobe Illustrator.

Our Gratitude

As we stand on this precipice, gazing back at the winding road we travelled, our hearts swell with gratitude. To our pre-order customers who extended not just their coffers but their hands, joining us in the forges of creation—Thank you. Their keen eyes beta-tested, their minds sharpened our vision with invaluable feedback and recommendations, making LTTR/INK not just a tool, but a harmonious symphony of collective thoughts and dreams. To Adobe Fund, who sowed the initial seeds of support and believed in our quest from inception—your faith bolstered us. You were all there by our side, guiding our strokes to perfection, and we are sincerely grateful for it.

Unleashing the Features

Now let’s journey into the heart of our creation:

  • The Skeleton Brush Interface, a magical tool that transforms simple bezier curves into brush paths.
  • Imprint Rotation and Scaling available on individual nodes to craft diverse and rich stroke shapes.
  • Stroke Styles, your very own arsenal of stored imprint values that breathe life into complex artworks speedily.
  • Conversion to Outlines, instilling confidence in your post-stroke drawings and empowering fine-tuning.

Yearn to see these wonders in action? Venture forth to our documentation page, where an overview video shall serve as your guide. Embrace the magic of LTTR/INK firsthand!

Choosing Your Weapon: Acolyte vs Master

But how does one choose between our Acolyte and Master product tiers? Fret not for here’s a comparison extracted from age-old texts:While both possess our basic stroke engine features, Master goes a step further, offering advanced features like stroke styles. Each license is perpetual with one year of updates included, and pre-order patrons are awarded an extra year of updates!

The Road Ahead

As we step into the future, our roadmap gleams with promises of enhancements. Keyboard shortcuts are in the making to make your interactions smoother. We plan to innovate with a noodle stroke mode, enabling strokes perpendicular to a skeleton, emulating the calligraphic brush style in CJK alphabets. And far off, we envision transcendence beyond the limits of ellipses to custom shapes.


Dear reader; spread forth this tale into your circles and inscribe the world with your creations. Share your masterpieces on Instagram by tagging @letterinkapp and using the hashtag #madewithlttrink for a chance to be featured and receive a week of LTTR/INK on the house! The echoes of your artistry shall reverberate across realms as we journey together in this shared adventure!

So let it be written, so let it be done!

What's next

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