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glyphs app and lttr/ink the most advanced stroke plugin

The stroke contrast plugin for Glyphs

A significant amount of the type design is drawing strokes. LTTR/INK makes the stroke contrast drawing effortless and generates accurate outlines.

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Draw perfect stroke contrast

Forget about tedious vector outlines manipulation when drawing strokes. Use any vector path as a skeleton to draw strokes with brushes.
See how too draw with skeletons

I’ve sketched the stroke shapes in a few hours. Without the LTTR/INK it would be way harder.

Valerio Monopoli
Valerio Monopoli

This is a must-have for everyone who wants to try or master their typography skills! It makes the process that usually takes a few hours into a 30-40 minute job.

Aleksander Maksimov
Aleksander Maksimov

Scale and rotate strokes on any vertices

LTTR/INK is the only stroke contrast tool that allows you to achieve pleasing rotation contrast.

Reverse contrast for the whole font family was a real challenge. With LTTR/INK I've prototyped every letter in a few days.

Michal Tornyai
Michal Tornyai

This is not a pen, but a hyper-pen, and it moves in ways that would probably break my hand.

Patric King
Patric King

Effortless modifying the brush controls in terms of size and angle

Fatima Abbas
Fatima Abbas

Orchestrate stroke shapes with stroke styles

Get rid of redundant adjusting of every single brush-point. Define common stroke styles and orchestrate strokes across the whole font.
Learn more about stroke styles

You can omit the laborious drawing of all characters in the font. Especially in a font that has several styles, it maintains a harmonious relationship across the entire spectrum.

Jano Filípek
Jano Filípek

Vectorise strokes
to accurate outlines

Say goodbye to weird, messy stroke vectorisation! LTTR/INK vectorise stroke to clean outlines.

Moreover, it exports strokes directly to font file.
See how to convert strokes to outlines

One of the hardest things to accomplish is clean outlines when vectorising lettering. This tool makes it for me.

Jucel Meneses
Jucel Meneses

With LTTR/INK I finished and released my first font Beloid Gothic in two days!

Adam Greasley
Adam Greasley
LTTR/INK skeleton calligraphic letter L LTTR/INK outline calligraphic letter L

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try it before buying?

YES! We provide 7 days trial for free. Within the 7 days you can evaluate all of the drawing features!
Just download the trial here

Does it work with other software?

YES! We have plugin for Adobe Illustrator and Glyphs app.

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