LTTR/INK Integration with Glyphs Plugin Manager

Glyphs Plugin Manager

We are pleased to announce that LTTR/INK is now available through the Glyphs Plugin Manager, simplifying installation and updates.


LTTR/INK can now be installed with a single click from within the Glyphs Plugin Manager. This integration streamlines the setup process, allowing you to start using the tool more quickly.

Automatic Updates

Thanks to plugin manager the tool now updates automatically. This means that improvements and bug fixes are seamlessly applied without the need for manual downloads, ensuring that you always have the latest version without any additional effort.

Trial License Activation

Trial licenses for LTTR/INK can now be activated directly within the plugin. This feature lets you evaluate the full functionality of our tool conveniently within your workflow.

Planned Features

We are working towards incorporating complete license management directly within the plugin to further simplify the user experience.

Installation Preparation

Before installing the new version:

  • Navigate to Scripts/Open Scripts Folder in Glyphs.
  • Go to Plugins and delete the file Letterink.glyphsTool.
  • You can then install LTTR/INK through the Plugin Manager by searching for LTTR/INK.

We believe these updates make using LTTR/INK more straightforward, enhancing your typography work without interrupting your creative process.

So let it be written, so let it be done!

So let it be written, so let it be done!

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