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LTTR/INK Release 1.0 (March 2021)

After three months of beta testing, we are ready to release our first official stable version 1.0.


What's in the 1.0

Let's again recapitulate the status. It's five months after the last update, so you are most probably expecting some results.

Ellipsis brushReleasedEllipsis has completely substituted abscissa
Produce clean outlinesReleasedGenerate production-ready outlines with rare corrections needed
Stroke StylesReleasedSimple interface for multiple strokes presets. (Type-Designers only)

We've also improved compatibility with Glyphs 3 and added support for Apple Silicon (M1).

New name

Letterink is now called LTTR/INK to follow the same scheme as our other products like LTTR/SHOP.

New pricing

With the official release, we have two pricing variants and a new pricing model.

For more detailed information about Pricing and Licencing, read the announcement.

What's next

Various brushesIn researchConsidering involving splines, let us know what you think
Swash easingIn researchWaiting for enough user feedback. Contact us 
Skeleton componentsNot startedWaiting for enough user feedback. Contact us

To see all our plans and feedback please visit our Public Roadmap.

Thanks for pre-order customers

Finally, we are officially releasing what some of you were expecting since the spring 2016

Thank you for your patience and support for our vision by purchasing an expensive promise.

Now the promise has become true and you can fully enjoy what you have paid for.

The last part that we still owe you are various brush shapes.

We are hiring

We are expanding our team and currently seeking two positions.

1. Web engineer to help us with our e-commerce platform for type designers and client-side web development.

2. Performance marketing specialist to help us grow our customer base.

Please share the open positions, it cost you nothing and for us is a big help.

Should you have additional questions feel free to contact us.

So let it be written, so let it be done!