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LTTR/INK Pricing Change

We are changing how we develop and price LTTR/INK, and before you freak out, no, we don’t want to use subscriptions. Find out about the new pricing model and the reasoning behind it.


Two pricing tiers

With the first official release, we have decided to go with two pricing variants — tiers.

You can upgrade from the Letterer tier to the Type-Designer tier at any time. The price for the upgrade equals the difference between the tiers, which is €70.

Features comparison

Various brush shapes1
Strokes to outline
Strokes interpolation
Stroke styles
Export strokes to a font2

1 Not available yet

2 Temporarily allowed

Licensing model

Although subscription models have become quite common in recent years for good reasons. Subscription won't be our case.

We have decided on the model that is hybrid. Some people call it the Dutch Model.

This means once you purchase LTTR/INK, you can use it forever with free updates for one year. After the year, you'll either stay with your recent version or purchase updates for another year.

We find it beneficial for both sides. Neither you nor we need to speculate about updates and new releases.

Updates pricing

The price for annual updates will be 75% of the pricing tier price.

What it means for pre-order customers

There will be another major release — 2.0, where we introduce various brushes. You are entitled to use all updates until this release (included). After the 2.0 release, you'll need to purchase annual updates.

Should you have additional questions feel free to contact us.

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