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Recover from a crash

Glyphs sometimes disable LTTR/INK after a crash so you can no longer use skeletons. This article contains steps how to recover to get access to the LTTR/INK tool again.

When Glyphs disables LTTR/INK, you should see the following dialog after you restart Glyphs:

1. Upgrade Glyphs

There were lots of fixes and new APIs in recent Glyphs versions focused on LTTR/INK needs so there is a good chance the issue disappears if you upgrade Glyphs. All 2.x/3.x upgrades should be free for all 2.x/3.x licence owners.

If you have issues with upgrading, please contact Glyphs support directly. In order to downgrade from a Cutting Edge version to the latest stable version, uncheck Show Cutting Edge Versions and than download and install Glyphs from their website.

2. Re-enable LTTR/INK

You need to Remove the LTTR/INK plug-in and install it again to unblock it.

  1. Click the Remove button or manually delete Letterink.glyphsTool from the ~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs 3/Plugins folder.
  2. Restart Glyphs.
  3. Download LTTR/INK from our web.
  4. Install LTTR/INK by following the steps in the downloaded package.
  5. Restart Glyphs.

Should you experience the crash again, please follow steps in the Report bugs article so we can fix it.