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User Interface Overview

Click on the "L" icon in the Glyphs tool-bar with settings will appear at the bottom:

More options are available on the LTTR/INK icon in the lower menu:

The default setting of the stroke is:

60pt wide

30pt height

45° angle

Parameters can be changed either by overwriting in this menu (you must have a marked point or the points you want to change), or directly manually when dragging the vectors of the selected point. To speed up the work, creating styles – ie. define your own parameters, which you can copy during work by simply clicking on selected points.

1. Mark the point whose parameters you want to use again

2. Click on the "Create" button, write the name of the style, e.g. "my style"

3. Select the point (or points) to which you want to convert these parameters and click on "Nib styles" again in this table. The menu with the defined styles will expand – in this case, there will be "my style"