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We are transparent with our progress and plans.
The roadmap is updated monthly, and you can see how our estimation changes as we move forward.
See the whole roadmap here

Stroke Styles

September 2022

Stroke styles is the key feature for working with multiple strokes and keeping illustration consistency.

Seamless Installation on M1

December 2022

Users of Apple computers with M1 chips, will be able to install the plugin seamlessly from an installation file.

Performance optimisation

January 2023

Avoiding Adobe Illustrator to slow down when too many objects in a document.

Refined User Interface

February 2023

Well designed user interface with intuitive layout and icons.

Seamless Installation on Windows

February 2023

Users of Widows based computers, are be able to install the plugin seamlessly from an installation file.

Adobe Plugin Marketplace

March 2023

Easy installation from Adobe Creative Cloud Marketplace.

Stroke Styles in UI Panel

April 2023

Stroke styles are now separated in extra UI panel. This feature will be included in the one Main UI panel.

Stroke Drawing

June 2023
In progress

Make users able to draw with strokes directly.

Official Release 1.0

July 2023
In progress

The free beta will be over with the official release of version 1.0.

Bulk manipulation on canvas

August 2023

Edit the parameters of multiple imprints at the same time to speed up drawing workflow.

Noodle Stroke

September 2023

Implementation of the noodle stroke mode on Adobe Illustrator.

Drawing strokes with harmonic contrast requires long-term practice. Once you've mastered it, you rely either on manual stroke outlining or inconvenient automatic stroke vectorisation that produces messy outlines.

With the LTTR team, we have built the most advanced stroke engine for Adobe Illustrator. That helps you draw delightful strokes and vectorise them to accurate outlines.

Please help us make it happen!

Filip Paldia — Designer & Founder at LTTR/CORP

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basic brush tool for beginners

€120 perpetual

advanced stroke tool
Generate outlines
Noodle Stroke Mode
Stroke style
Live stroke preview
€90 per year
Purchase updates
€37.50 per year
Purchase updates

Frequently Asked Questions

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To refund your pre-ordered licence,
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