How to fix Letterink crashes

Does Glyphs started crashing after you installed Letterink or another plug-in? Follow these steps to troubleshoot or get rid of these crashes.

1. Try the current version of Glyphs

There were lots of fixes and new APIs in recent Glyphs versions focused on Letterink needs so there is a good chance the issue disappears if you upgrade Glyphs. All 2.x upgrades should be free for all 2.x licence owners.

If you have issues with upgrading, please contact Glyphs support directly at In order to downgrade from a Cutting Edge version to the latest stable version, uncheck Show Cutting Edge Versions and than download and install Glyphs from their website.

2. Check compatibility with other plug-ins

There are known compatibility issues between specific types of Glyphs plug-ins.

Note: In most cases, the crashes are caused by a bug in an obsolete version of PyObjC. The bug itself is fixed for a long time but Apple still ships the old version with macOS and they resist to bundle a newer one.

3. Report the issue

Sure, there might be bugs in either Letterink or Glyphs. We can discuss the reports with the Glyphs authors if we have the report details and we know which reports the right ones are.

When you start Glyphs after a crash, you should be presented by a dialog allowing you to send a report about the recent crash. 

4. Other ideas

We will use your font files you send us with the bug or crash reports solely for diagnosing and fixing issues.